Myths of the Ocean – MS Victory

35ft in length


Familiar to just about everyone, this story could well have a grain of truth. There is so much evidence that a major flood has taken place at some time in the evolution of our planet. Perhaps as a result of a polar shift which science profoundly agrees takes place periodically.


There have always been humans who sought to preserve what they perceived to be precious, and no doubt, Noah perceived the animal kingdom to be above all else necessary for food and transport in early times. It’s not as far fetched as it sounds, although almost certainly exaggerated for emphasis.
Being an ardent animal lover, I quite understand that people have always sought to preserve animals, even if they were only small species, and lets face it, in today’s repeated mass extinction that is taking place as a result of receding habitat, and man’s overpopulation, once again we are displaying concern for our beloved animals.

This is a tale of conservation if ever there was one, and serves as a wonderful reminder, even if it is only a story!

Here you can see distinctly that the images imported into the animals are from elements of the earth, sand, desert, stone, sunsets and water. The leopard has an image taken in the desert of Arizona. The elephants are filled with an image taken from the surface of the ocean from a cruise ship, and the flamingoes are filled with a sunset.

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