Migration of the Shawnee Indians – Myths of the Ocean – MS Victory

This mural is about 21 feet in length.

The myth of the Shawnee Indians tells of their flight from Asia, where “sick from cold and hunger, they perceived a sea being with a pair of fishtails, and hair the color of ‘ooze’. His gentle voice sang of beautiful abundance in a new land across the treacherous waters…


This legendary text is written into the mural.


It may relate to the legend that is recounted by the Shawnee’s that at one time they escaped an island that, surrounded by water, appeared to be isolated. They were transported by miraculous circumstances to the New World, namely America.


I found the pictures of isolated tribes, punting their narrow boats, from among my mothers photos of her travels sailing around the world. One and one half times on her own 65ft monohull sloop! She took this picture among the remote atolls in the Pacific Ocean, close to Australia, and yes, she was her own skipper much of the time, but that’s another story! It seemed to me that these tribes resembled those of the Shawnee.

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